Tried & True

Summer 2017

Tried and True is a design for a simple personal recipe cookbook. The user is able to add new recipes, search for favorites, and create new categories.

Primary Tools: Sketch App, Marvel, Photoshop


Original Plan

I like data. I like visualizing data and collecting data. I like all sorts of data. I also like the idea of hyper-personalized apps. My first idea for this project was to have a way to keep track of my personal food data including frequently bought grocery items, restaurants eaten at, and recipes made. After a rough post-it note app map, I realized the "restaurants eaten at" feature was too intensive for what I wanted to do, plus there's already a pretty well established company already doing just that.

More Iteration

After some user testing, I found that the grocery item feature was a dud. I continued playing with it but it just didn't work for what I wanted to do, thus I decided on a personal cookbook.

Future Plans

A personal cookbook is not the most original idea, but I will continue to work on Tried and True in the future. I plan on adding more data-driven features along the lines of being able to keep track of how many times I've made a specific recipe. I would also like to add an OCR feature to scan recipes, as well as a way to export recipes from website to Tried and True.