Eighth Grade (2018)

We had a very strange coming of age double feature. First up was Larry Clark’s Bully (see below), then Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade. Very different movies to say the least! 


I thought this movie was very - at some times, painfully - real. So many flashbacks of awkward memories. But I’m my opinion, that’s what great filmmaking does: it makes you feel a certain way. In this case it was overwhelming awkwardness and anxiety. 


It was very interesting to see how “kids these days” are using technology, too - albeit a little depressing. The scene at the dinner table where all Kayla wants to do is be on her phone was all too telling of today’s generation (wow I can feel myself aging as I say that). 


I thought it was a really great slice of life movie. Didn’t have any unnecessary bullshit, for lack of better words. I’m very interested to see what Bo Burnham does next.